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We at Tori Tech Resource. PVT. LTD. always ensure to provide you with uninterrupted Power Supply Solutions for your products ranging from Desktop to Data Center, 1KVA to 600KVA. We are proudly associated with APC and Eaton Power. UPS are power source used for varied applications such as IT & ITES, Data Center etc. Based on the current needs of the customer, we, Tori Tech Resource. PVT. LTD. have designed the way to fulfill them. We offer solutions for any mission critical applications which require redundant solutions like N+1 or Parallel Redundancy for achieving optimum availability. Booming commerce over the internet makes it a challenge for the organizations to scale up their infrastructure in no time.We at Tori Tech have team of highly skilled and experienced professionals who are well versed in providing dynamic solutions which can be redeployed too.

Advance Battery management - ABM from Eaton Power

Recurring SMF battery cost is the biggest challenge for the customers. Therefore Eaton Power has come up with Advance battery Management Technology as a solution to this high cost. The benefits of ABM are:-

  • Predictive and automatic diagnostics of battery health
  • Significant extension of battery life compared to traditional charging method
  • Optimization of battery recharging time with dual mode charging method
  • Automatic battery charge voltage compensation within 0 to +500 temperature range

Energy Saver System - ESS from Eaton Power

Energy Advantage Architecture - The availability of highly available, reliable and efficient power is in rising demand and as such becomes a continuous challenge for the data center operators. High level of energy efficiency is a must to address increasing environmental, regulatory and economic pressures. To meet such challenge Eaton has come up with innovative and proprietary technologies that improve system efficiency without compromising on reliability under the Energy Advantage Architecture (EAA) umbrella.


Energy Saver System is available for all Eaton9390 and 9395 UPS including

  • Standalone Single UPS
  • Parallel Systems

All existing installations can be upgraded with the ESS capability


Racks and Power Distribution Units

APC Server/Telecom Racks are multi vendor compatibility racks. Designed as per the industry standards such that they provide ventilation areas. These racks are endowed with integrated channels that allow easy management.Routing and storage of large amounts of cable. Service ability, mounting hardware, data distribution cable, air flow management, rack components are also available as per the needs of the IT Equipment.

Rack Power Distribution Unit

Rack Power Distribution Unit is available in 1U or Zero U configurations in different power rating at an affordable price.

  • Basic Rack PDU
  • Switched Rack PDU
  • Metered Rack PD
  • Automatic Transfer Switch - redundancy to rack mount power to single-corded item

Rack LCD Consoles

APC Rack LCD Consoles include keyboard, mouse, 17”/19” LCD consoles and optional integrated KVM switch, all in a compact 1U design. The Ultra-Thin LCD Screen, touchpad technology and easy to install, single user rack mount kit combine to form a high quality, streamlined solution build for rack monitoring and management. These rack LCD Consoles are usable in a variety of IT environments, from computer rooms to large data centers.

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